Donnerstag, September 14

My Poland diary - Camping at the lake


Sometimes I wake up and I feel
like I'm still in my sleeping bag on my moss green bed
in the camper and the sunrise is so intense that
it wakes me up. But then I realize I'm in my own bed and I wake 
up from the meow of my cat. 

Almost two weeks passed since I went on a trip to Poland
to stay in a camper for a week with my dear friend Anna Nycz and her
friend Kasia. Our little part time home with a view over the lake and
right next to the forest was so small and still felt so much
like home for this time.

We spent hours just doing simple things. We walked, we talked, we
went swimming and painted. We gathered mushrooms, had three bonfires, 
waited for the little ice
cream car that had the most delicious ice cream and
cooked. We took pictures and went on a little boat... simple things
that allowed all three of us to finally rest.

Some days were full of sun and others full of rain.
Life can be so slow when you fully concentrate yourself on
the people and the nature around you. 

On one of the last mornings I woke up at 5 am, looked up to the window
above me and saw a red glowing sky. I slipped into
my shoes and walked to the silent water where the fog
was swaying over the water. I just sat there and looked
above the surface of the lake and the silence around me.

( a photo of me from this morning)



  1. Im crying how much I love your photos jaysus.

    1. It warms my heart so much, thank you. <3

  2. Love your photos! I'm from Poland 😉 So greetings from Poland!

    1. Thank you. :) Your country is so beautiful. <3

  3. ooh ganz ganz schön, liebe Tina. Ich weiß nicht ob ich das schon mal erwähnt hab, aber ich mag deinen Blickwinkel, wie du schönes fotografierst. Ich find der ist ganz besonders. :)

    alles liebe. Monika

    1. Dankeschön liebe Moni!
      Ich freue mich das du so darüber denkst. <3

  4. it's so difficult to keep all of memories,
    not changed with dancing lights on the eyelids
    and morning sounds, and the silence of the night -
    and somehow you did it. I can find here myself and my memories also.
    I'm smiling to you.

    1. Warm smiles go to you. I will always think about this time. <3

  5. So delicate and airy - you have a very gifted eye, Tina ! A ral poetry of the little things ! May I ask you what camera do you use for your anlalog pictures? And do you develop pictures by yourself to achive such unique retro colours, or give it to the studio ? Sorry if my qestions may sound strange, I'm in love with analog photo, but yest don't know much abount it ;( I would be very glad to know a little more abut it fromyou :)


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