Montag, Februar 20

Afraid of the world

Often I am.


Freitag, Februar 17

Winter's last breath

Sonntag, Februar 12

A day with Johanna

About one week ago I spontaneoulsy met with this dear person
named Johanna in Berlin. We started to exchange letters some years ago 
and finally met in Person. 
So very early I took the bus to Berlin, saw the sun rising in the forest on my way and finally
finished reading my book. When we reached the bus station I already saw her standing there and waiting 
for me. : ) I was excited and happy to see what this day will bring.
We talked a lot and visited the beautiful Botanischer Volkspark, enjoyed some tea
and cake at the Mint cafe that was inside a greenhouse there and looked
at all the beautiful plants. 
It was a very foggy day. I can't remember seeing the naked trees disappearing
in the distance this much in a long time. We walked around in this beautiful garden,
admired all the little gifts nature offered to us and I stepped into a pond, because
I didn't expected the ice to break... :)

Sonntag, Februar 5

Let them go - see them disappear

One day Florian and I went out right before the sun started to go down to go for a little walk and test out my new analog camera. We saw so many beautiful frozen things! There was a little brook that had a frozen surface that was also a little cracked and under it we saw the bubbling water floating. 
We were so faszinated by it that I even forgot to take a picture, but then we reached my favorite spot. 
The little birch forest and the little ponds that were completely frozen too.

I can't wait to see this place changing into it's spring gown and spend some more time there.