Donnerstag, Juni 30

Almost summer

You can watch a little video from this day here:

Donnerstag, Juni 23

In a different world - shaping the nature

featured on Neo Digest : )

Sonntag, Juni 19

Hello tiny little Willow

It's been four weeks 
since we got this fluffy tiny little kitten we named Willow.
 His soft furr reminds me of the catkins in Spring when he was born. Since he came into our lives it changed completely. It's such a wonderful thing to be responsible for him and to feel that he loves us more than anything, that we are his family now. 
He likes to find light spots in our home to sleep there and he also sleeps in his little tipi that is
his own little space here. I think we both like to watch the light. : )
When he is sleepy and jumps into our bed he always wants to be as near as possible and
always fall asleep on our necks. 

Welcome home Willow. :) 
 Tired little Willow looks almost angry, but he was just sooo tired! ^.^
Here is also a little video I made about his first weeks at home. : )

Mittwoch, Juni 15

Magical Easter

It was one of these days where the sun almost felt unreal. It was one of the first really warm days.

''You can sit in the pine trees, 
you can feel at home, 
you can breathe a sigh of silence in the woods,
 you can bawl your heart out, 
make your feelings known, 
things the grass already knows.''
-Jake Bugg