Freitag, Januar 11

summer in winter.

Donnerstag, Januar 3

And as they fall silence is all that is in my limbs

Donnerstag, Dezember 27

Little reds

Mostly there is no snow, no sunlight.
Then I like to look back on autumns last breath.


As soon as we reach the end of the path where no sunlight makes it through the trees
we reach the little hill full of old apple trees. How often we have been here,
but nothing is the same. The light that shines on the dry grass, the orange
leaves and the young woman with her little son, playing with apples
under a tree so quiet and carefully. 
One golden maple tree stands out to me that crosses another path. The twigs
have this shape you want to sit on and read at, or just watch people being excited
about the little red balls that cover the grass in some spots here and there. 
I want to soak in all of it, I want to be in every moment.
I want to remember how the light feels on my skin before
November takes it away.


Montag, Dezember 17

Portrait Session / Sonya


ice crystals dance in the wind
and melt away with the warmth
of your breath.