Samstag, September 22

Portrait Session / Barbora (analog & digital)


small waves crushing, 
warm stones under your feet,
wind lingers in your hair and merges 
with the movements of nature.


Sonntag, September 9

August film diary - The sky is burning

The windy sky in Barbora's eyes.

One of these great fires in my evening sky

My gardens sweets in all shapes and colors before they turned into
a yummy and warming soup. That I had every week. 

A light dot afternoon with Kristin. Talking about the new
life that awaits us.

A golden walk, the most golden it has ever been 
in months

So much warmth and cuteness from
someone so little while meeting 
my lovely friend Marie and her family.
Cooling ourselves right next to the little water fountain.

And now August is gone. September is waiting for me.
Going on vacation, moving out and moving in.
The end of the year is becoming to be
my new beginning.

Freitag, August 31

A hush over the meadows // Playlist + Video


 I feel this hush inside of me and over the meadows
while I walk trough the high grass no one
might have touched this summer.

These places feel so lonely and alive at the same time
with their wild growing appearance
that touches my skin while I remember 
the times I have been here before.

My skin feels warm, my mind
is with the changing season, the changing life.


Donnerstag, August 23

All the blues and yellows

In the blues and yellows we 
wander through this world 
like it has always been like that,  
like it always will be. 

muse: Stephanie