Montag, September 22

different situations in the last months when I shot single pictures (part ten) Part 1/2

Hello my lovely readers. I think it's time to share my pictures from april to september with you all. You see it's already half a year ago since I posted something like this... But! that also means I have a lot to show you. That's why I will make two parts for you.
So if you like to see many pictures from my summer please look below. I hope you will enjoy my precious moments.
We found the most beautiful spring forest when we followed the little flowers
I wrote letters covered in a blanket in the garden and enjoyed the warm sun rays on the grass when I looked up
And I baked white and dark cocolate brownies for Florian's birthday and suprised him with it at morning time. There is nothing better than suprising someone you love. ♥
 I love that we found all these lovely animals when we were walking around. Especially the lovely bunny that was jumping around the wild strawberries in a magical looking garden. But I was a little afraid of the locust that wanted to sleep in my bed. ^.^
 I packed some things and visited my lovely penpal friend Carla in her new home,
 enjoyed my birthday afternoon on a dandelion field with Florian, a beautiful sunset and little spring moments (We couldn't help but laughing a lot while trying to take a birthday picture. ^.^)
and saw the roses bloom with this lovely girl.
 I enjoyed cooking in the big oven from my dad and watching the raindrops falling from the sky in his beautiful garden,
 Florian and I made our second fleamarket and said hello to so many nice people
 and the first delicious berries from our garden looked so lovely that I couldn't resist holding them forever in a photograph before they were part of my marmelade. :)
 We were covered in sun light,
 in wind ♥ ( I love wind so much!)
 and in the beautiful moonlight trough my curtains.

 We had a sad goodbye to my precious Jana that is traveling one year around Australia now ...

but I enjoyed beeing around all this very lovely people with glowing eyes
 and the warmest hearts you can imagine. ♥ (last photo of me taken by Ewa. ♥)

Stay excited for the second part in the next days! :)

Sonntag, September 21

fields of green gold

Donnerstag, September 18

Some of those feelings never die

Montag, September 15

restless wind