Freitag, April 28

A day with Kristin / Part one (analog)

Kristin said: "We don't know each other for that long, but it feels
like meeting a friend that just have been gone for a while."

I sit beside her, listen to her thoughts and feelings and they
feel so familar to me. What a magical girl I thought. 
So kind hearted, so real!

muse: Kristin


  1. I imagine you are the kind of person that makes people feel this way, and that several have said this to you. Some you have yet to meet, some are with you, and some are no longer in your life.

  2. Ich liebe dich und deinen Blog <3

  3. Ich liebe dich und deinen BLog und deine Fotos <3

  4. wundervolle Bilder, liebe Tina!

  5. I love this post and photos, they're amazing!


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