Freitag, September 16

Simple & delicious Walnut bread

Since we moved together I'm baking a bread about once a week. Most of the time I bake a simple whole wheat bread with a lot of different seeds you don't have to knead, but every once in a while I try out something a little different. This time, I made this walnut bread. For more variations, you can simply add some dried tomatoes or herbs! 

You need:
100g whole spelled flour
200g wheat flour
1ts sugar
half a cube of fresh yeast
150ml hand warm water
1,5ts salt
2 small hands full of walnuts (toasted for more flavor)

what you need to do: 

  • Simply mix water, yeast, and sugar until everything is well combined
  • add the flour and salt and mix it with a wooden spoon, add some more flour if your dough is too sticky
  • Finally add the walnuts too, knead your dough for about 8 minutes and let everything rest for one hour
  • knead the dough again and make a flat ball, folding the outer parts of the dough into the middle
  • let it rest for 30 more minutes
  • preheat your oven with an oven proof pot to 230 degrees celsius 
  • put your dough in the pot and let it bake for about 25 to 30 minutes 

Enjoy it with some herb butter!


  1. Oh wie lecker! Das werde ich demnächst mal ausprobieren. :)

    Grüße, Malina

    1. Sehr gerne! : ) Un ich bin gespannt auf as Perfekte Dinner am Dienstag! ;)

  2. Das sieht aber wunderbar aus.

  3. oh how lovely! love how your blog's evolving ^-^


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