Montag, November 9

Our world

Today my love and I are together for seven years. 
His touch still feels like the soft breeze of a warm autumn wind and his 
eyes still look into mine like there is something hidden he needs to explore. 
Since the beginning of the month we also finally moved into our own little 
home together that becomes ours every day a little more. 
I already shared some little corners of our flat on my
Instagram feed if you are curious! :)


  1. schön. alles gute zu euerem Jahrestag. ;)
    alles liebe. Monika

  2. I wish all good for you both. What a view. Light is amazing. <3

  3. So nice! ♥ Photos and the text. Good luck for both of you, I am with my boyfriend for almost seven years too. It's always so beautiful when somebody finds his/her soulmate in each other :)

  4. You two are goals. What a beautiful couple you make, you're two such beautiful creative souls and each of your photographs hold worlds within themselves, ones that never cease to inspire. Congratulations :)

  5. congratulations, dear! That's so amazing. :)

  6. beautiful world you two have created <3 <3

  7. congrats for the 7 years! <3


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