Mittwoch, Mai 28

Spring days with you like from a dream. ♥ // 8 tracks

Here are some songs for you I listened to in the last month.


  1. dear tina, i will keep follow you up on your blog. one day i still want to come and visit you, we can make a wonderful walk and share our ideas togehter , i wish you a lovely day.

    1. Oh Lotte! That would be really wonderful and you are not that far away. ♥ Thank you lovely one. ♥

  2. aw, your outfit is just adorable <3
    and your playlist is so lovely :)

  3. Oh wow, die Bilder sind wirklich großartig!

    Viele liebe Grüße Anki

  4. I'm listening to it right now :)
    somehow your hair and your face always shimmer like you have some kind of halo,it is very magical :)


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