Donnerstag, März 27

ode to spring

Everytime I have a walk, I bring some nature to my home. 
This time I found different beautiful branches that can bloom beside my bed now. ♥


  1. Ich mache das gleiche :)
    Du bist so schön , ich könnte die Fotos ewig anschauen...

  2. I love to bring something inside also,even that sometimes it the public gardens of Porto!
    these are so delicate,and your skin tone goes along with everything fragile and nature-like ♥♥♥♥

  3. wundervoll! oh, wie ich deine bilder liebe..

  4. you beautiful lil' thing, these are lovely! i need to get myself a vase of some sort so that i can have something pretty like this in my room:-) xx

  5. you look so, so beautiful! and the sun illuminates your pretty pale skin....<3
    i always bring a little bit of nature in my house ( n_n

  6. wow, soo schön! mag die zartheit und fragilität. und ich bin auch so eine blumenmitbringerin (;


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