Montag, Februar 24

he came in a wave, his wings were full of songs

You can read a little interview with me on Laryssas blog Câmeras Fazem Miau
here if you like! :)


  1. Das zweite und das letzte Bild sind so, so wundervoll! Ihr wirkt so perfekt zusammen.

  2. i love full of light pictures like the first one!

  3. aw, I love seeing you two together taking photographs :")
    p.s: thank you for replying my comment and giving me your email address. I've been prepared for my university entrance exam this july, it's an important exam in my country so I'll start writing letters to you when everything is done,
    i'm so excited, I can't wait to write letters to you <3

  4. deine bilder machen mich so glücklich <3

  5. Dankesehr :)
    Oh, die Bilder sehen so wohlig warm aus :)

  6. such an inspiring couple,the two of you :)


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