Montag, Januar 28


It's time to say goodbye and welcome you
on my own little blog that
is included in my website now! :)
I hope I can welcome some of you there. 

Find me here:

Dienstag, Januar 22

A sweet team


The icy wind stretched it's arms out to us. 
My cheeks are red as I drive around on my bike on the hunt
for some new impressions to soak in. I stop by a place with wild,
almost purple and dead looking bushes. They are framed by a few
birches that always remind me of snow. They are so bright, they let me
dream about the days that were full of light.
I wonder when these days will be back and at the
same time I want to be in this frosty winter. I want to
feel my body getting numb from the cold and warmed
up by the tea that is waiting for me. 


Freitag, Januar 11

summer in winter.

Donnerstag, Januar 3