Mittwoch, Juni 27

precious love

in the forest between the blueberries

Sonntag, Juni 24

a tree you will never forget

Dienstag, Juni 19

different situations in the last months when I shot single pictures (part two)

 we slept and read books on the blanket in the garden 
 I took the first pictures with my Zenit-b
 we swum in the lake and had a long homewalk between the wheat fields
 I spent some time beside the pond 
we got a beautiful mirror 
 we had long walks in the forest 
we visited the canola fields, a wonderful smell
 we made a delicious salad when we had our first barbecue this year
Florian visited and fed the cute horses
 a small butterfly flew on my hand
 Iittle bees on the willow catkins
we find beautiful cats all the time
(or maybe they find us)
    You can find Part one here : Part one

Freitag, Juni 15

another smell

Dienstag, Juni 12

Samstag, Juni 9

radiohead - high and dry

.three years and seven months.

Some simple photos to see if my new zenit works
 and she does! :)

Mittwoch, Juni 6

It's deeper than you can breathe

There will be a Giveaway for all of you very soon!
Thank you for everything!

Freitag, Juni 1

another earth behind me